What is Iklan Directory?

Iklan Directory is a form of online advertising network. We provide you a collection of free and paid advertising websites in Malaysia and also international. Therefore, you especially those who are small business owners or Malaysian webmasters, have the resources and opportunities to advertise and promote your website or business easily . Online Advertising is one of the best way to deliver marketing messages and attract customers.

Click Here : www.iklandirectory.com

www.iklandirectory.com (official website)

www.iklandirectory.com (official website)

Google Adwords

Advertise your business with Google Adword. The Best and Fastest way to increase sales and traffic to your website. No matter what Budget do you have, You can display your Advertisement on Google and their advertising Network. Pay only when people click your Ads. ( Pay Per Click )

Create Your Ads ---> Ads appear on Google ---> Attract Customers ---> Increase Your Sales

Minimum budget : RM60 only ( including Activation Fee RM20 )
Payment methods : Credit Card with Visa or Mastercard /Debit card /Bank Transfer (online Banking )

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is a popular online marketing where a website is submitted by the webmaster to the search engine directly. The search engine below are the most popular in Malaysia. Submit your website for FREE.

Koleksi Yahoo Groups

What is Yahoo Group?

Yahoo Group is a group of people who have the same interest and they share and get to know each other. In yahoo Group, you can keep in touch and get instant access to pass your message to all members of the group.
Koleksi yahoo Groups ( powered by MalaysiaGroups.com ) provides you the lists of more than 2000 yahoo groups in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapura and Brunei.
MalaysiaGroup.com also provide you opportunity to get extra money by joining their Reseller program. Visit this website MalaysiaGroups.com .( All the content in MalaysiaGroups.com are not related to IklanDirectory, we're just your Reseller if you click the Link above )

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Banner Exchanges

A free banner exchange is a group of participating Web sites that display each others' ad banners in exchange for credits; the more impressions you display the more credits you receive. The credits are then converted into ad spaces for you to display your ad banner on participating Web sites. Participating in free banner exchange programs is a great way to drive traffic to your site, especially if you have compelling content and a creative ad banner.

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Iklan Sesamainsan: Program Tukar Banner Percuma Malaysia

Traffic Exchanges

Free Traffic Exchanges are a great way for you to advertise or promote your website without cost. How does it work? If you have a website and you want others to see it and at the same time other people also have a website they want you to see. This is where the manual traffic exchanges play a rule. You visit their website and subsequently they also have to visit your website. Therefore, this system will generates a huge amount of traffic ( visitors) to your website.



Viral Traffic



AMCS Traffic

BusyBee Traffic


Fast Easy Traffic

Cash Clicking

Traffic School





Clickfinger Traffic

Traffic Syndicate25


Hit Gusher

Traffic Excess


Hit Pirate

Mystical Maze

Dragon Surf

Pro Hits Plus


Traffic Planets




Just click on the name of traffic exchange above you are interested in and follow simple instruction to sign up for FREE and start promote your website today.

AutoRank Sites

AutoRank Site is an advertising site that ranking your website automatically according to your web visitors. How to be ranked? you just have to copy the html code of the button of the autorank site and paste to your website. Any visitors who see and click the button will contribute to your web ranking.
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Malaysian Topsites - Top Malaysian Web Sites Malaysian Topsites - TopMalaysia.OrG WebDirectory.com.my - Malaysian business directory Best Malaysian Sites

Iklan Percuma Sites

Iklan Percuma Directory is a collection of FREE advertising sites in Malaysia. Not cost you at all. You just have to click any banner or web below and register with them.

Iklan Percuma + Link Exchanges

IklanPercuma.Com interbisnes.com iklanportal.net Iklansesamainsan.Com susahsenang.com Iklaniaga Free Classifieds